I am awesome!

You are beautiful, You are smart   

You are funny, You are kind

You are unique, You are worthy of love and affection

You are never too much, and You are always enough

You are precious, You are diamond, a rose, a pearl

The most stunning of all God’s creation.

You are worth more than you could ever imagine

Worth more than the numbers on the scale

Or the hair product you use, or the shoes you wear

More than how many girls wish they were you

Or how many guys wish they had you

More than the price tags on your clothes

Or the percentage at the top of your math test

Or even the numbers of followers you have on twitter

Your worth surpasses all earthly things, because in the eyes of the Lord God,

You are loved, You are worth dying for.

Regardless of who you think you are whether you model in a magazine

Or you model pottery with grandma whether you’re on the “hot list”

Or the “not list” whether you’re head cheerleader

Or a high school drop out whether you are  “miss popular”

Or you never had anyone you could call a friend

Whether you love yourself and love your life

Or can’t stand to look in the mirror

And you feel as everything in your life is falling apart

Whether you’re such a winner or you feel like the worlds biggest failure.

Regardless of you who think you are

The reality is you deserve someone who would give up their life for you

Because you are powerful,and strong and capable

Read about women in the Bible!

Esther, Ruth, Martha,Mary these women changed the world forever.

And inside of you , each and everyone of you  is a woman with that same power ,

And that same strength, and that same world-changing capability.

And You’re responsibility to find that woman and set that woman free.

THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!. And that any voices in you mind try to tell you are differently

are from the enemy.

And the next time you hear them, this is what you say.

You say, ” Nuh uh, not me Satan!

I am a daughter of the living GOD, cherished,loved,and adored all things  by the Creator

of all things for the Glory of Him who is greater than all things.


And please don’t forget it.






Spending the whole night talking

Asking my favorite things

I like doing Giving me those words

I love hearing Telling me promises that you keep on breaking

I never imagined you’d be this special

There were no us yet I become so loyal

I fall and thought you felt the same way too

Realizing it was just me and my feelings for you

You never care and loved me the way I do

Still, I stayed because my heart says so

I even asked my friends what should I do

Told me I should just leave but I said No, I love you.

When we first met, I have never been so happy

You held my hand, I know I’m no longer empty I miss that feeling,

I wished our time stops That moment,

my heart has been beating so fast

But everything just suddenly changed

Today, you made me feel so special

The next day you made me feel I didn’t even exist

I don’t know but I felt so useless

I’m trying to understand all the why’s in my mind

Maybe I wasn’t enough?

Maybe I’m just ugly?

Maybe I was so loud?

I don’t know, and I’m feeling blue

Don’t even have any idea nor a clue

Yet still, I’m here for you

Keeping myself strong,

Even deep inside I’m longing for you

“The Reality of Depression”



Depression isn’t just as simple sadness,

But it’s the feeling of hopeless and loss.

It leads you into a spiral of madness,

And the voices in your head act like your boss.

Depression is the feeling of total emptiness,

A person void of emotion.

You don’t feel a twitch of happiness,

Just an endless feeling of nothingness in a circular motion.

Depression feels like death,

With no more glimmer of hope.

All the happiness goes through every breath,

Until you ever do is mope.

Depression isn’t funny,

It leaves you broken beyond repair.

You can’t fix yourself with money,

Because all you need is love and care.

Depression can heal but it can scar,

But you can control yourself and not the voices from afar.

When God has another plan


Have you ever ask  yourself about the things you are suffering now?

Have you ever try to ask yourself “Why me Lord,?”

Life is full of mystery

We thought that good things and happiness are already permanent.

But it’s not over yet. Right now, its just another game in the tournament

We don’t hold our future, we don’t know whats next

Life is full of great joy and happiness

Yet a life that is  full of uncertain things and unxepectable happenings

But, when things go bad, pray

When things go wrong, hope

God is just too wise, He makes no mistakes

We hoped, we prayed

But God has another plan

Don’t give up, finish all the lap.

The game is not yet over, until we won.



When everything is grim

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

You taught me things could get better

Even it can also shatter.

You taught me to feel bright

Even under the moonlight

You taught me to believe

Even though I have nothing to give.


You taught me to fall
And broke my wall.

I am happy to have you

And see your every hue.


But now you walked off

Leaving me with these things you taught

But I have a favor please,

Just for the last piece.


Teach me one more thing

You forgot this important doctrine.

Teach me, oh please,

How can I unloved you at least?